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Modern furniture by Qui est Paul?

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Qui est Paul? otherwise known as Who is Paul? is a high end modern furniture line launched during  Milans furniture fair that actually narrates in a symbolical way the story and values of a man through the objects he acquires and holds during his life.

Sculpturally designed pieces while highly functional at the same time, most are made out of recycled PE and can be used either inside or out. The first impression of these modular furniture pieces assemble garden rocks and natural stones that are roughly-cut. The organic shape of these  modern furniture allow an infinite number of settings engaging everyone to take part in the design process by creating its own arrangement. All the pieces are playful, dynamic in shapes and despite their overall extreme appearance, are very comfortable and fun. The first collection of Qui est Paul? was designed by studio Paul and Alain Gilles and edited by several brands with international recognition.

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