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Return of a Classic

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Return of a Classic, stylish modern homes

In 1971, Three Dog Night's "Joy to the World" topped the charts.  "Billy Jack" ruled at the box office.  And British Designer Rodney Kinsman's Omstak Chair became the must-have seat to sit in in stylish modern homes and offices around the world.  Originally designed for the Italian firm Bieffeplast, the chair was a classic example of high-tech design.  Its seat and back were molded from a sheet of steel coated with epoxy resin, and true to the modernist aesthetic, the trademark holes that gave the chair its style were actually functional, adding to its stability.  Best of all, you could store as many Omstaks as you wanted – true to their name, the chairs were stackable – up to 25 of them at a time!

Now, 37 years, later, classic modern design fans have reason to celebrate.  Following hot on the heels of the Ball, the Bibendum, the Barcelona and so many other modern and mid-century masterpieces that have returned to production, new Omstak chairs are finally being manufactured.  Today's version, called the OMK stacking chair after Kinsman's design firm OMK, is a testament to the enduring style and quality of this original, as it is nearly identical, with a pressed steel seat and back and a tubular steel frame.   The chairs are available in silver, white, red, black, orange, blue, green and yellow – so there's bound to be a shade to enhance your mod décor.

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