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See-Thru Furniture Goes to Work

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The now-famous Ghost Chairs by Philippe Starck have become an international phenomenon, bringing the barely-there chair (and tables, sofas, candlesticks, lamps and other accessories) into well-dressed homes across the globe.  Suddenly, everyone who's anyone has to have a seat no one can see.  So it only makes sense that the trend is expanding out of the home and into the workplace thanks to Brilliant, a new line of office chairs by Italian design team Robby E Francesca Cantarutti.

Transparency and materials are about the only things the Brilliant chairs have in common with their Ghost-ly cousins.  Instead of mimicking ornate, classical forms, the Brilliant chairs take their inspiration from gemstones.  The seats, which come in stackable, four-legged versions as well as typical rolling office chairs on castors, are faceted, and glimmer and shimmer like stones in a ring.  The come in clear (like a diamond) as well as an array of gorgeous colors like smoke, blue, lavender, yellow and red.  The chair also comes in gleaming opaque black, white and grey.  And for those who prefer a more sedate style, the Cantaruttis have also created Ruby, a simpler, minimally-faceted stackable chair.  If your workplace needs a little bling, one of these two new chairs may be just the thing.

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