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Skateboarding Goes Indoors

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If you've ever dreamed of grinding down your staircase, catching air in your hallway or doing an ollie in the middle of your living room, read on.  Uber-hip design house Modern Convenience has just come out with a super-groovy skateboard especially designed for indoor use.   The Tuck'n roll upholstered Naugahyde skateboard also known as Inside Skate is padded in squishy stripes, and comes in girly pink, boyish blue and gender-neutral orange color combos.  All boards feature independent trucks and coordinating colored wheels perfect for tearing up the hardwood in your home.  

Inside Skate is part of modern Convenience's Recess line, featuring other fun products including swing sets, kid-sized furniture, and the Jack Rocker a swaying board made of padded vinyl.  The entire line is the brainchild of Didi Dunphy, the woman behind Modern Convenience and this super-cool fusion of art and play.  Surprisingly, Dunphy is not a slacker dudette or a skater girl, but a wife and mother who just happen to have a very vivid imagination and a way of bringing out the kid in all of us. Of course, while her Inside Skate line is featured at modern baby and kid stores like spunky and, the thrill of indoor skating doesn't come cheap.  The boards retail for about $550 bucks.  Cowabunga!

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