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The Best of BKLYN Designs 2008

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It's not the biggest modern design event in the world – or even in New York -- but the annual BKLYN Designs Modern Furniture Exhibition, held this month in DUMBO, maintained its reputation this month as the place to spot up-and-coming design superstars before they become household names.  This year's wunderkind is recent Pratt Institute grad Kenzan Tsutakawa-Chinn, who blew attendees away with his constellation chandelier.  Comprised of 364 LED lights clustered at the tips of 91 copper tubes, the freeform, hanging lamp looks like a sort of ethereal, modern starburst.  Of course, it's energy efficient – using as much electricity as a 20-volt light bulb -- as well as incredibly beautiful.  The designer is currently seeking approval to make the chandelier available to consumers in the near future.

What makes the BKLYN Designs show special is it's small size – the handful of exhibits are carefully curated, use only local designers and locally sourced materials, and always includes an exhibit from students at the prestigious (and local) Pratt Institute.  Other impressive work this year came from established area shops like Brave Space, Argington and especially Uhuru, who caused a sensation by transforming old bourbon bottles into sleek, modern furniture with a spare, slightly Asian aesthetic.   Finally, a reason to feel good about drinking Jack Daniels…

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