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transparent furniture

It's been forty years since Eero Aarnio created the Bubble Chair, a seat constructed of transparent acrylic that in case the name doesn't give it away you can see through.  For the past four decades, Aarnio and his Bubble pretty much cornered the transparent seating market.  But no more.  Today, modern furniture you can't see is everywhere.  It started with Kartell and their Philippe Starck - designed Ghost chairs, a partnership that has grown to produce transparent chairs, lamps, tables and accessories in several styles.  And it has grown into a phenomenon. 

Search for "transparent furniture" on Google and you'll find a laundry list of options from around the world in every price range.  Even IKEA® launched a transparent chair that sold out almost immediately.  Which is the other thing about transparent, modern furniture. It may be hard to see, but the good stuff can be even harder to afford.  So if you're ready to dish out the big bucks for a piece of furniture you might accidentally walk into, do your homework first.  Make sure it, like Aarnio's Bubble, is built to last.  If you're the type who moves on when the trends do, add a few inexpensive pieces for fun instead.   

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