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Searching for the Ice Couch

If you've been reading the design blogs, you may have spotted the "Ice Couch," a sofa that looks like it's been constructed from ice cubes – albeit very soft ice cubes – that glow from within thanks to LED lighting.  We wanted to know more about this sofa, so we set out on a quest to find it.  Most blogs attribute it to famous New York modern design mecca Moss, but a search of their website turned up nothing.   Well, not nothing, but we'll get to that later.  Another blog claimed it was made my Moooi, but a browse through the site yielded a lot of cool chair but no ice cubes.

However, the trip to Moss left us intrigued, so it was back to the site for a second look at another seating trend that might be oh-so-slightly more bizarre than a couch that looks like its part of an igloo or a James Bond movie.  In the "Extreme Moss" section (and who doesn't love a  furniture site with an entire section devoted to the extreme?) is a line of seating constructed of – wait for it – stuffed animals!  Yes, you can now be the proud owner of a chair comprised of dozens of plush alligators, panda bears, or for the ocean lover, dolphins and sharks.  It's the ultimate plushie perch!!!!

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