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Supreme Sofas - 2008's Award Winners

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Interior Design

If you’re looking for what’s on the absolutely on the cutting edge of furniture design this year, don’t go another day without checking out Interior Design Magazine’s Best of the Year Awards.  This year’s seating offerings were especially impressive – with a range stretching from a Frank Gehry-esque sofa made from bent strips of wood to a day bed that appears to float on a cloud of light.  Here are our picks for amazing sofas that are guaranteed to transform whatever room they grace.

Designed by Matthias Pliessning, the Providence Sofa looks more like a sculpture than a seat – steam-bent wooden curves and open spaces.  But if the photo is to be believed, it’s as good for sitting on as it is for looking at.  The OSS from Dune is a bench seating arrangement that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.  It’s rounded, modular sections come in bright colors and can be arranged in all kinds of shapes.    BAAL Creations’ One Sofa is as earthy as the OSS is other-worldly, with a primitive-looking, egg shaped bronze copper “body” housing creamy cushions in the softest natural fibers.  Finally, the aforementioned “Floating Bed” by Zeff Design is no doubt hosting many a wild party in its perch in the Spa Villa Suite at the Hard Rock Hotel.  Let’s hope those rock stars don’t spill any champagne on the opulent velvet cover! 

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