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Election Style 2008

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His Al Gore t-shirts caused a sensation – and raised a pile of money to fight global warming.  Unfortunately, if you're looking for design superstar Marc Jacobs to provide a stylish souvenir of America's most historic presidential election…well, ever…you'll be looking in the wrong place.  It's not that Mr. Jacobs doesn't have a pick – after all, the guy displays a giant peace sign in the window of his shop on Bleeker Street.  But the only election-themed items you'll spot at the shop are three trucker hats, reading "Biden," "Obama" and the old classic "Make Love Not War," perched atop three mannequins posed in same window.  And the hats aren't even for sale! 

Those on the hunt for stylish Obama-wear were no doubt excited by the campaign's announcement that a laundry list of top designers would be creating Barack-themed t's and tote bags.  Alas, the goods by the likes of Vera Wang, Tracy Reese, Derek Lam and Nanette Lepore have been panned by (the online home of the venerable Vogue magazine) as sadly lacking in style.  Or more accurately, as they put it, "not very cute."  Perhaps the good people at can convince Marc Jacobs to mass produce a few of those trucker hats?

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