As any pet lover knows, a cat or dog is a member of the family and gets most of the perks and privileges associated with it. This includes having a nice place to eat, sleep and stay clean.
While many of us rely on our own linens for the workaday tasks of keeping our pets clean and healthy, there are actually a lot of products out there these days that are designed specifically for Fido and Fifi. And the best part is, these products are environmentally sensitive and made especially for the pet market.
A good example of this is pet towels. Extremely absorbent, many of these towels include sewn-in pockets for your hands so you can grip the towel and dog at the same time as you dry them. If you’ve ever handled a slippery wet pet, you know how handy such thoughtful additions are.

While many of these towels are made of terry cotton, you can also get them in bamboo (eco-friendly). The standard in luxury, bamboo towels feel very silky and luxurious to the touch but can hold three times in their own weight. They’re also easy on the pet’s skin, since bamboo has natural hypoallergenic properties.
If you have a prim and proper home but a four-legged family member who’s a somewhat sloppy eater, you may want to consider using feeding mats. These protect your floors from damage while creating a nonslip area for water and food bowls. When they get a bit dirty, just throw them in the washer. Many of these mats are made of environmentally friendly materials as well.
If you have a feline friend, you know that they love to have a clean place to live. This includes the litter box. While you dutifully clean the box, you probably notice the sand that collects in front as kitty wipes his paws. A colorful mat can trap that excess litter, keeping it from spreading to other parts of the home. Easy to clean and extremely durable, the mat is usually made of recycled cotton that’s woven into fanciful patterns of color.
They fit neatly under the litter box and extend out in the front. Best of all, you can trim them to fit the space you have. This is particularly handy since a lot of us place the litter box in an out-of-the-way place in our homes. Combine this with some nice furniture and you will have everyone say wow!

These pet products are not only environmentally friendly, but help keep your home prim and proper. With “green” pet products, cleanup is a snap, even if your dog loves to slobber or your cat likes to spread a little litter love around the house.