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Toro Table and Pedestal - Short

Item# SD9125A
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Todays modern homes and offices are looking more and more like one another. In the beginning, there was the home and the office. They enjoyed being separate and apart. Then came the home office. The question begs, can the office home be far away? This pedestal brings it closer to reality. Built for the living room but right at home in the boardroom, this lovely table is all business alright, but with a soft side that can serve as an oasis of relaxation in your own home. Imagine this beauty around your living room. Makes the idea of the office home that much more palatable, indeed.

About the quality of our woods

Item# SD9125A

-CREATION: Precision-made wood pedestal with solid woods structure and elegant clear matte acrylic finish -STYLE: Its hand-crafted details greatly contrast with the modern contemporary design which gives our exclusive line a distinct character that differs & stands-out from other style of furniture -DURABILITY AND RELIABILITY All parts are produced with BOF (Board-On-Frame) system for lightweight with the frame constructed in plywood for strength (with about 30% reduction in weight as compared to basic elements constructed in MDF) -NON TOXIC: Our topcoat is imported from Italy as it is by European Law that all finished product of 2nd component (we called hardener), the "free monomer" must not exceed 0.5% parts-by-weight which is consider "safe for use". the paint we use are certified at the strictest safety standard EN71/3 - safety of toys. -GREEN: Our exclusive line is constructed with the base material MDF. The MDF used on our exclusive line is either of E1 standard (EU standard) or CARB (California Air Resources Board) standard where they both have limits to the emission of "formaldehyde" into the air. Formaldehyde is believed to be cancerous thus international regulation in US & Europe has set limits for "safety for boards". -RESPECT FOR ENVIRONMENT: Last but not least our exclusive line was created with "quality & aesthetics" in mind but also with "structural integrity" for durability & reliability, most importantly "respect to mankind and our environment

Size: w17"xd17"xh22"
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