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One of the benefits of a platform bed is that it offers you a very open look for your bedroom furniture. Rather than creating a blocky mass of mattresses in the center of the room, it creates a more horizontal look, thanks to the shelves that create the signature platform look. These shelves extend out on three or four sides of the mattress. The foundation is set back, so the bed looks as if it's floating in mid air.

If you think a platform bed is less comfortable than a traditional bed because there's no box spring, you're in for a surprise. You'll never miss the box spring and the side extensions let you get in and out of the bed easily. Some platform beds even offer built-in nightstands as part of the design, which also float, creating a more open look to the room.

Additional storage is another option with platform beds. If you put a premium on storage for all your bedroom furniture, you can get a platform bed with storage units incorporated right into them. Many have sliding panels built into the headboard where you can store your alarm clock, books and other bedtime accoutrements while others offer additional storage areas below.
Wow! Where does one start with this divine sleeping experience? Once you are entranced by its architectural symmetry, superb construction and thoughtful design, you may never look forward to going to work again. In addition to the rakish headboard with it`s grooved horizontal lines, the bed features two built in night tables that seem to float in the air, leaving room for your slippers or an unfinished best seller underneath.
Wrapped in a web of intrigue with just a hint of mystery, this bed is something right out of Goldeneye. No, not the James Bond thriller. We`re speaking reverently of Goldeneye, the one-time home of Ian Fleming in Jamaica. This modern platform bed would look perfect there ` sleek and perfectly coifed just like Bond. A wide platform of oak leads to two expansive matching nightstands.

ortofino King Bed

For those who eschew a large headboard but want a little protection for their head and the wall while they sleep, this thoughtfully designed bed gracefully answers the call. The headboard is long and low, just enough to keep your pillow on the bed. The rest of the frame is slung low as well, gently elevating the bed above your floor.
Even its name has that hint of intrigue. Like a code name that only the most secretive of secret agents know, the W-contemporary platform bed needs no other name. Like Q and K of secret agent fame, the W-Bed is instantly recognized from afar. With its sleek black oak base and crisp white, tufted upholstery headboard, heads will turn and people will murmur in heady envy. Fear not, your secret is safe here. It is after all, your secluded hideaway for your own undercover trysts.
Few pieces of furniture capture the imagination or the meaning of a word as much as this modern bed. Icon literally means an "important and enduring symbol" and this bed is certainly a symbol of simplicity and elegance in a minimalist form. Made of solid walnut, the Icon modern bed features a sturdy wood frame, lacquered to a durable, fine black finish. A contrasting headboard and his and her integrated modern nightstands create a heavenly place to lay your head each night in iconic bliss.

Orfeo Contemporary Zebra Queen Bed

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that, `Nothing is more simple than greatness; indeed, to be simple is to be great. We're pretty sure Mr. Emerson was referring to this grand, yet simple queen-sized oak bed. Built of the stoutest, yet finest woods, this dark brown beauty is simple, yet oh, so elegant. The deep zebra headboard beckons you to relax in total bliss, while reading passages from The Selected Writings of Emerson. Sorry, rose petals and other mood enhancers are not included.
Where a Murphy Bed lowers from the wall to provide sleeping space, our sleeping space raises up to reveal ample storage for bedding, extra pillows and comforters. The superbly engineered mechanism makes lifting a snap, even with a pillow-top mattress on top. No need to ever sacrifice precious closet space for pillows and extra bedding again with this delightful creation.
One of the great things about Modernist bedrooms is that the furnishings are designed to compliment the space. There`s no point in having a stunning view from your bedroom window when visitors only stare at the gigantic wood structure you call a bed. This sleek charmer doesn`t take anything away from your bedroom - it only adds to it.
Even its name has that hint of intrigue. Like a code name that only the most secretive of secret agents know, the W-contemporary platform bed needs no other name. Like Q and K of secret agent fame, the W-Bed is instantly recognized from afar. With its sleek black oak base and crisp white, tufted upholstery headboard, heads will turn and people will murmur in heady envy. Fear not, your secret is safe here. It is after all, your secluded hideaway for your own undercover trysts.
With the Medusa bedroom nightstands gracing each side of your bed, visitors will indeed be a bit stone-faced as they marvel at their beauty and grace. Meticulously crafted of top grain oak, these matching nightstands feature nicely proportioned top and bottom drawers to reduce nighttime clutter and keep your minimalist lifestyle looking minimal.
Want flexibility in your bedroom furnishings? Look no further than our six-drawer dresser. There are three large drawers on the left, offering lots of storage for tees, skirts and sweaters. On the right, three smaller drawers for your unmentionables. Don't let looks deceive you. They may be small but they're very spacious.
Have you ever walked into a room and stopped dead in your tracks because there was a piece of furniture that was so commanding you couldn't take your eyes off of it? This is such a piece. Breathtaking in design, this cabinet offers plenty of storage behind its four doored compartments.

Modern platform Bed - How to buy the best one

Bedrooms can't be seen anymore just as the dedicated place for sleeping at night. Today, bedroom furniture has become equally important for everyone, no matter what his living style or profession is. Nowadays, people are giving preference to modern platform beds over traditional spring beds. Reasons may be different but seeing the limited space in the houses, modern platform beds certainly have an edge over simple traditional beds.

Generally, two kinds of platform beds are liked by the people - wooden or metallic. Mostly, modern platform beds are usually made of durable hard wood and provide a minimalist look to the bedrooms, especially short sized. The box or the drawers normally provided under the platform of the bed may be used to store night time beddings, sheets and pillows. Besides being space saving, modern platform beds don’t require extra spring mattress, which is certainly a cost saving aspect. Before purchasing platform beds you need to give due consideration on various aspects to make your selection more purposeful.

Metallic platform beds are preferred not only because of low maintenance but also because of the comparatively low price. However, wooden platform beds are much stronger and more stylish. Modern wooden platform beds give your bedroom simple and natural look. Wooden platform bed may be purchased according to the appearance of the existing bedroom furniture like dressers, coffee tables or study tables. While in case of purchasing steel framed platform bed, you don't have many options.

While selecting the platform beds, it is important to keep in mind existing decor of your bedroom. Your bed should match with the curtains, flooring, windows, cupboard etc. Modern platform beds are available in various sizes. Selection of bed size depends upon the height of the user and available space. Height of platform bed is also an important aspect which should match the height of existing chairs, side tables and windows etc. Normally, platform beds come in 38" x 75", 53" x 75", 60" x 80", 76" x 80" and 72" x 84" sizes. If these sizes don't suite your room parameters, you may ask your furniture supplier to build the bed of appropriate size.

Selection of the best source of getting modern platform bed is equally important as the selection of the bed design. The decision taking becomes more complicated when you see different attractive designs in different furniture showrooms. Every supplier promise to supply superior quality furniture but it is not easy to believe. Online shopping is also a good option for getting modern platform bed. The best way to select the supplier may the recommendation of your friends, relatives or colleagues.

Selection of the bed design can be made somehow simple by surfing some websites of the furniture suppliers. Online visit to furniture showroom helps you to fix up your budget as well to know the latest trend and promotional schemes. Before placing the order for modern platform bed to online or offline furniture store, be sure about the suitability of the bed in all respects because returning back is not only difficult but expensive also.

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