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Bueno Coffee Table

Alice Dining Chair

Lino Dining Table

Shena Sectional Sofa

Ercole Side Table

Eclipse Lounge Chair

Livingroom Dreams in earthy tones

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Garbo lounge chair

Flor side table

Paraiso sectional sofa

Fuse Pendant Lamp

Linda coffee table

Lisa lounge chair

Balance the Drama with Cool Grays this Fall Season

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Bernard Sofa

Teresa Lounge Chair

Malini floor lamp

Bernard Ottoman

Eric TV Stand

Ecko chair

Modern Livingroom Lasalle Sofa

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Lasalle Two Seater Sofa

Astipalea Lounge chair

Bako Floor Lamp

Amalfi Ottoman

Button Ottoman

Serene Meets Modern

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Marlon Coffee Tablea

Cassandra sectional

Corfu Chair

Audrey Round Table

Agape Chaise

Taichi Bookcase - Tall

Serene Meets Modern

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Merrit End Table

Oxford Bed

Ovale Coffee Table

Key Largo Armchair

Linia Bench

Nuvola Lamp

Dramatic spaces with deep textures and contemporary shapes

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Concetto Sofa

Tri-level coffee Table

Libero Arm Chair

Concetto Sectional Sofa

Lisa Lounge Chair

Caspian Ottoman

Because you deserve your personal oasis.

Featured Designs

Divino Side Table

Chelsea sconce lamp

Madrid Bed

Miami Bench

Astipalea Lounge chair

Divino Buffet

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Going green with sustainable interiors

Going green with sustainable interiors

Day after day a new building adorns the streets, replacing the untamed wilderness. Innovation has become a synonym for efficiency, modernity and technology but it does not have to be in opposition to nature. People have begun to wake up from the iron haze and the obsession with mass production that drove so many creations …

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In times of Corona

In times of Corona

The time we are currently living has been redefined by corona so that the world seems to move slower while the days continue to go by following nature’s rhythm as they always have. It is only for us humans that an invisible curtain has dropped separating us from the rest of the world and yet …

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Fashion merges with architecture at Fendi Château

Fashion merges with architecture at Fendi Château

“Inspiration can come at any moment. I am most inspired by situations- The energy that comes from new encounters or an evening chat.”- Silvia Venturini Fendi Miami is a source of inspiration overflowing with colors from the tropical sights, the fashionable accessories worn by its inhabitants and the art that lines its streets. The city …

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The richess Miami Brickell has to offer

The richess Miami Brickell has to offer

Every once in a while we like to wonder about the future- what will the cities look like? Will buildings reach new heights? Will humanity’s lifestyle improve? How will architects and designers of the future incorporate sustainability into their work? The best part about these questions is that they have no definitive answer and, therefore; …

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Welcome to KMP Furniture

Welcome to KMP Furniture, a modern furniture store in Miami featuring an incredible inventory of contemporary furniture. Finding the perfect designer furniture can be difficult, but the solution to finding beautiful modern furniture has just become simpler. KMP Furniture offers a wide range of attractive, high quality contemporary furniture that is unique, maintains functionality and comfort.

KMP Furniture presents an online gallery that includes tables, sofas, chairs, patio furniture and bedroom furniture. KMP Furniture store showroom is located in Miami and retails online. We are excited to offer "KMP Exclusives" - a series of partnerships between the company and world-renowned designers to create unique furniture available only at KMP. In addition, the store will now offer "Customized Classics" - which allows shoppers to choose the color, fabric, and size when purchasing best-selling items. At KMP Furniture we know you'll enjoy a great collection and affordable prices.