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KMP Furniture - Modern Furniture

A sophisticated approach towards modernism
& timeless aesthetics!

Decorated in a soft, warm palette accented by golden wood floors, sharp modern lines and sophisticated fabrics, one can enjoy lounging comfortably in this tranquil space among an array of carefully selected pieces that each stand out in their own unique way.

A pair of contemporary accent chairs stand opposite a two-toned sofa to frame the room off from the rest of the open-concept floor plan. Between them is a multi-tired, multi-functional coffee table that hides additional seating that can be revealed to accommodate guests.

A taste of the outdoors is brought indoors in the form of a stand-alone tropical tree that graces the far corner of the room and is at home there with its tropical counterparts as its background. The natural world is also represented through a selection of décor pieces that adorn the seamless dark wood coffee table.

The real showstopper, though, is the fabric covered accent wall, which perfectly correlates with the refined upholstery of the chairs and especially the sofa. However, it is a stand-out design feature that demands its own appreciation. Seven large panels frame an entertainment center and flat screen television. In an open space such as this, not only does this perfectly tailored wall serve as a design statement, it also controls the room's sound level.

Pulling the entire space together is a large area rug with gray hues that can be found in nearly every other piece of furniture within the space. Its ever-so-slight pattern only complements the room, not taking away from the room as a whole.

The tropical view afforded by large, boldly framed windows is uninhibited by the room's uncluttered contemporary interior. Its ambience changes throughout the day as sunlight filters through shear window treatments lit by lighting.

Slate colored interiors, an ethereal gray palette and an appreciation for south Florida's vibrant, lush foliage all inspire and complete this contemporary living room.

*White Glove Delivery ranges anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks from date of order depending on delivery schedule availability.