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KMP Furniture - Modern Furniture

Seasonless! Timeless! Flawless!

Crisp, clean, refreshing describes our South Florida weather this time of year. This can also describe the lifestyle our collection offers. Whether the endless blue ocean is in your soul or outside your window, we can agree Miami is setting the tone. KMP is a part of this life style. Bringing the outside into your interior space is one of the reasons we know this as living in paradise.
Transforming your vision in to reality is possible. We offer a modern twist with white fabrics, neutral hides, warm woods, and chrome or brass metals to contrast with polished floors. Raw and organic accents , coupled with polished and refined is Ultramodern and can also be Ultra comfy. After all, feeling at home is big part of LIVING IN PARADISE.

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*White Glove Delivery ranges anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks from date of order depending on delivery schedule availability.