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Recent Articles
'Modern beds and modern bedroom furniture solutions'

2021-09-30 07:45:12
There are many factors to consider when buying your bedroom set. Other than the obvious style or the choices between a platform or higher bed, important elements that are significant and cannot be overseen are few of the followings: -The bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom and the first thing noticed when entering a room. It is really important that the bed reflects the size of the...

'Men Designer Shoes for Spring Summer 2010'

2015-08-25 15:05:00
Men's fashion may not get all the attention and fanfare that it's Womenswear counterpart gets, but the design elements are no less fantastic. In fact, because men are less likely to wear extreme cut or color designers of men's fashion must exhibit restraint while still presented renewed creativity each season. The result are collections that are exquisitely refined. And...

'Italy Deta Design Merges Furniture and Technology'

2015-08-25 14:59:37
When you think of canopy beds the phrase "cutting edge design" may not be one of the first to come to mind. But these days modern furniture designers are pushing the limits and transforming stuffy old traditions into amazing new products for those seeking clean lines and high-tech options. Meet the "Hi-Can" - from Italy's Deta Design IT. Also known as the "High Fidelity Canopy Bed," this...

'A Guide to London's Most Exclusive Nightlife Spots.'

2015-08-25 14:45:13
London is packed with things to do. After a day of site-seeing at the Palace of Westminster or art-gawking at the V&A museum you may want to enjoy some of the nightlife the city has to offer. But if you�re not familiar with London, you may not know the best spots to try � especially if you�re seeking an exclusive atmosphere. Let this list be your guide to some of the most stylish and...

'Fashion Philip Lim Comes Home to So-Cal'

2015-08-24 13:52:01
Since his 2005 debut at New York’s Fashion Week, 34-year old, Orange County California-born designer Phillip Lim has emerged as one of fashion’s biggest stars. His 3.1 Phillip Lim line, featuring sleek sportswear for men and women, has already been honored by Fashion Group International, the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in...

'The Coolest Mobile Homes You have Ever Seen'

2015-08-24 13:34:53
When it comes to humble living accommodations, mobile homes are among the humblest. The modern incarnation of mobile living took off after WWII to accommodate returning soldiers and the baby boom. Today mobile home communities "also known as trailer parks" are generally considered undesirable and relegated to low-income sectors of the population. However, innovations in architecture...