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'Green Design - Cardboard as a Design Medium'

2010-02-01 18:00:14

'Award Winning Builder Enters the Prefab Market'

2010-01-06 10:30:16
As green architecture becomes more and more of a mainstream idea, more and more top architects are making sustainability and eco-friendliness a centerpiece of their business. One luminary leading the way is Kieran Timberlake, the American Institute of Architects' honored Firm of the Year for 2008. Timberlake has joined forces with developer LivingHomes to being good design and earth friendly...

'Saving Buildings - The Latest Recycling Trend'

2009-11-09 12:47:09
The worldwide economy is in crisis. Global warming threatens the planet. Which has resulted in a surprising new boom in preservation. Since the greenest and most economically-friendly building is one that has already been built, preservationists and eco experts are working together to save some structures that might otherwise be headed for demolition. In the USA, this trend restore several...

'Eco-Conscious Furniture Buying'

2009-02-23 09:40:29

'New Life for Old Cell Phone Covers'

2009-01-29 10:44:00

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