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'Crypton... Fabric of Steel'

2009-01-28 16:58:20
Last month marked the 15th anniversary of a material that's like something out of a comic book.   The story begins in 1993, in the basement of a Michigan home, where husband-and-wife scientists Craig and Randy Rubin set out to create the ultimate fabric.  A fabric that's able to resist moisture and bacteria.  Strong enough to repel even the toughest stain.  Yet soft...

'Dunkin Donuts Goes Green'

2009-01-28 16:43:27
Eating donuts may not be the best thing for your body, but at least now it will be a whole lot better for the planet.  In St. Petersburg, Florida, the popular Dunkin' Donuts has chain just opened the doors to their first "green" store.  This donut franchise isn't just green, it's actually Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (or LEED) certified.  The store was clearly...

'Eco Luxury in Nicaragua'

2009-01-28 16:23:13

'Warm Up to an Eco-Friendly Fire'

2009-01-28 16:30:26

'Auto Designer Turns Eco Chairmaker'

2009-01-28 16:34:29
Born and educated in the UK, Jolyon Yates made a name for himself in what is possibly the most impersonal, least eco-friendly industry around.  Armed with a degree in Automotive Styling (yes, you can actually study that in school!) from the Royal College of Art in London, he began his career designing for the automotive and boat industry.  Yates was an instant superstar, becoming part...

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