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'Design Gets Fishy'

2008-11-26 16:59:43

'Anya Bags a Target Line'

2008-11-26 17:08:52

'Italy's Hottest Designer Does New York'

2008-12-10 01:25:39
If you want to design a retail store that will lure the window shoppers inside to buy, you can't go wrong with Italian wunderkind Fabio Novembre.   In Novembre's hands, illuminated transparent chartreuse display tiers transform a shop into a something resembling a top nightclub.  Austere, rectangular display columns rise toward the ceiling like a minimalist forest.  The...

'Footwear to Fall For'

2008-11-27 04:36:42
Women and shoes.  It's a love affair that probably dates back to just after Eve ate the apple.  Sure, she suddenly felt a need to cover her "naughty bits" with clothing, but she no doubt also learned nothing makes a girl feel better than a great pair of heels.  The thing about shoes is, they never let you down.  You can gain weight, have a bad hair day or experience any...

'Hugo on Hold...'

2008-12-10 01:29:48

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