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'Art Goes Green at New San Jose Library'

2009-01-07 16:55:45

'Britain to Host Le Corbusier Retrospective'

2008-11-26 17:02:08
Charles-Edouard Jeanneret Gris is a name that might not be familiar to even the most die-hard design expert.  But say the name Le Corbusier, which Gris adopted as his moniker, and you're saying the name of a modernist legend.  Le Corbusier was an architect, interior designer and furniture designer who dominated the modernist scene for four decades, beginning in the 1920s. ...

'Deconstructing David'

2008-12-10 01:35:40

'Islam Comes to the Louvre'

2009-01-26 16:27:37

'Hadid's Mobile Museum Heads for the USA'

2009-01-26 16:05:15

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