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The coffee Table presented as a piece of Sculpture

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The coffee table becomes a work of art in the sleek, ultra-modern Endless Nile coffee table, one of the latest creations from award-winning designer Karim Rashid.  Inspired by the slowly flowing river from which it gets its name, the table has deconstructed the very idea of what a table should look like, transforming the traditional "top and four legs" into a twisting, sinewy sculpture that you can also set a drink or a book on.  The coffee table is constructed from a wooden base and steel structure, but is covered in stark white Dupont Corian for a fluid look.  The twists of the Endless Nile split into two separate "tabletops" and can also be used as seating.  And while the piece doesn't scream "chair" or "table," at the very least it is a gorgeous piece of art that would fit into any modern home. 

The Half-Egyptian, Half-English Rashid was born in Cairo, not far from the river that inspired him.  He grew up in Canada but now works in the design mecca of New York City, where he strives to bring a democratic modern design sensibility to the masses, rather than create beautiful pieces only for the chosen few.  As a result, he's worked for a range of clients ranging from Dirt Devil to Prada.  Which makes Karim Rashid as unique as the coffee table he has created.   

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