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'Skateboarding Goes Indoors'

2009-01-26 16:18:40

'Chocolate... Without the Guilt'

2009-01-26 15:33:54
If you're hungry for a sweet treat but can't afford the calories, you might want to invest in the world's first "chocolate" bench.  Inspired by chocolate and wood's "common features" (meaning, we supposed, that they're both brown) to bench known as the Sciocola actually looks like an oversized chocolate bar, complete with individual raised squares that make you want to break off a...

'Furniture So Green it Grows'

2009-01-26 15:43:57

'The coffee Table presented as a piece of Sculpture'

2009-01-26 15:37:00
The coffee table becomes a work of art in the sleek, ultra-modern Endless Nile coffee table, one of the latest creations from award-winning designer Karim Rashid.  Inspired by the slowly flowing river from which it gets its name, the table has deconstructed the very idea of what a table should look like, transforming the traditional "top and four legs" into a twisting, sinewy...

'Modern designs-The Newest Bathroom Must-Have'

2009-01-26 12:08:40

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